May to June Season

U7 (2015-2016) - Unisex, Non-Contact

U9 (2013-2014) - Unisex, Non-Contact

U11 (2011-2012) - Unisex, Contact

U13 (2009-2010) - Girls or Boys, Contact

U15 (2007-2008) - Girls or Boys, Contact

July to August Season

U16 (2006-2007) - Girls or Boys, Contact

U18 (2004-2005) - Girls or Boys, Contact

Competitive Rugby 2022 Season Fees

U7-U11 : $175 + Sportlomo Processing Fee

U13-U18 : $240 + Sportlomo Processing Fee

  • New players are ALWAYS welcome to sign up ANYTIME! 

  • A players age group is determined based on their age before January 1, 2022

  • You may be able to play in a different age group if dispensation is approved. Please contact our Youth Director for further information.

  • Refunds may be issued up to 2 weeks after registration completed. Special refund may be issued upon approval if out of 2 week window but additional transfer fees may apply.

  • We do accept payments from Kidsport and JumpStart!, but please get that process started early! Information for these funding options can be found here:


Rugby provides a fun environment for skill and athletic development that is age appropriate. Competition rugby includes competing against other clubs in the province which requires travel. Games are typically on Saturdays, with practices Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Upon registration, we will require a bond cheque of $100.00. You will receive your bond cheque once completing volunteer hours for three different events at the clubhouse. Please contact us for your volunteer schedule.


  • Shoes: U5-U9 running shoes or Plastic soccer cleats (Baseball and football cleats are NOT permitted)

  • Shoes: U11-U18 Plastic soccer cleats or rugby cleats

    • Rugby cleats with metal studs are NOT required and are only for contact age grades

  • No jewelry

  • Mouthguard is mandatory for all players U11-U18 and must be worn for practices and games

  • Black Knee-high sport socks are recommended

  • Head gear (i.e., scrum cap) are optional 



The Respect in Sport (RIS) Program is mandated by Rugby Alberta & Rugby Canada. One parent/guardian MUST take this program and enter the certificate number into the registration system for anyone UNDER 18 years of age. Without a certificate number a player cannot be registered. It takes approx. one hour to complete and does not have to be completed in one sitting. The cost is $12 plus applicable taxes, and it’s valid for four years. You can use an existing Respect In Sport certification number you have received through another sport (provided that it is still valid of course