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Our Club

Starting in 1972, the Red Deer Titans Rugby Club was formed to provide the opportunity for individuals of all ages to play rugby within Central Alberta. Since, we have grown as a club to help 4+ year old individuals transform into the best athletes they can be; with former members even playing on international rugby platforms. Come join the the family, where we put our players first!


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Our clubhouse would not be where it was today without the following key individuals and families over the past 50 years. Thank you for all you have done for your Titans family in Central Alberta!

  • Truant Family

  • Lonnie Amundson

  • ​Ciaran Ormond​

  • Norm McDougall

  • George Vickery

Core Values.

Our organization is centered upon our Core Values. It is our belief “Character Builds Champions” both on and off the field as such our program is centered on our Core Values. When we cheer “Titan Up” this is what we are referring to:

  • Respect – Titans treat each other, our opponents, the officials and the game with Respect; no matter the circumstances.

  • Discipline – Discipline is the art of self-control. Those who succeed in rugby, as well as life, tend to exhibit a high degree of discipline.

  • Passion – Passion is what drives the will to do the seemingly impossible. It is a relentless, unstoppable force that pushes each Titan to self-improvement.

  • Toughness – Rugby is a demanding sport; life even more demanding. Toughness is a resilience to overcome challenges and setbacks. Titans are built to be physically and mentally tough.

  • Family – Rugby is a family sport and Titans are close family. Every Titan learns the value of family and importance of standing together in the good times and the bad.

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