2018 Awards Night Winners!

2018 Awards Night Winners!

The 2018 Titans Awards Night and Banquet happened on November 17th!  Congratulations to all of our award recipients!

Men:     Most Improved – Zachary Zuber

                Rookie – Carter White

                Heart – Ron Silva

                2nd Forward – Derick Frost

                2nd Back – Andy Peters

                3rd Forward – Dustin Clark

                3rd Back – Kevin Hayton

Women:  MVP Forward – Katie Wozney

                  MVP Back – Erin McFadden

                  Rookie – Jula Barfai

                  Heart – Izzy St.Pierre

                  Most Improved – Jasmine Pelham

President Award for contributions to the club  – Haley Khatib

Youth (Male and Female):

Passion “For Your Contagious Love of Rugby”: Camryn Holland, Marni Giebelhaus, Zac Sanderson

Respect “For Your Respect of Others”: Laeken Kinch, Hallie Fillinger, Justin Tetzlaf

Discipline “For Your Unbreakable Will”: Anna Pedersen, Blair Prediger, Ben Tindall

Toughness “For Your Mental and Physical Resilience”: Tessa Strom, Molly Aellen, Kaleb Deetjen

Family “For Love and Care of Your Teammate”: Janelle Agot, Naomi Brunner, Spencer Maier

Leadership “For Honoring Our Past and Building Our Future”:  Emily Brown, Heather Ritchie, Jada Holtkamp



U13/U15 Girls Season Update

U13/U15 Girls Season Update

U13/U15 Girls

Overall, we had an excellent season where the girls were able to further develop their skill leading into the higher age groups and high school level. We worked on scrum and lineout techniques, in addition to allowing them the opportunity to think for themselves on the field so they are able to adapt to various rugby situations. During games, the girls were able to imply these teachings effectively and even further develop their leadership skills. In many cases when we would travel to Edmonton for our festivals, and played with less experienced teams, our Titan girls would step up and teach them some of the techniques learned in practice to create better results on the field in a game situation. As a coach, I do not count the wins or losses but look at my players development for the season. In this case, I feel all the girls demonstrated a better understanding of the game of rugby, in addition to giving them some building blocks for higher levels of competitive play if that is the route they choose to take in their rugby careers. I thoroughly look forward to what these girls can provide not only to the Titans Rugby Club, but also themselves as rugby players in the future.


Coach Ashton Selig

U9 Spring Season Update!

U9 Spring Season Update!

This was a great year for u9 Titans rugby. With “unofficial” score keeping we finished with a 6-0-3 record in the first 3 tournaments. There were some amazing standout plays from each and every player. This season we focused a lot on defense and moving laterally instead of chasing. “Take away their speed” was our motto. Each player grew and improved so much from day one with real passion for the game. They all played so hard, had huge runs, great passes and awesome hustle on defense. It has been an amazing time to coach all of them.  I am very proud of their Titan Up spirit!
Coach Dave Brownell

Senior Women Week 5 Update

The Titans Senior Women’s team were on the road again this weekend to face a Rams team hungry for a rematch. The ladies have been hit with the injury bug lately with five players missing the action this week and they again went to battle with a 15-person lineup!

The Rams came out hard and after a couple penalties the Titans found themselves caught deep in their end. Despite a valiant defensive effort by the Titans, the Rams snuck by the try line for the first of the day. The Titans response was swift, with Emily Brown receiving the ball wide and subsequently weaving past multiple defenders for the team’s first try on the day. After the first 15 minutes however, it was the Rams ahead 14-12. The Rams lead however was short lived as the Titans dug deep, found their rhythm, and the tries started stacking up with the wide-open Titans attack exploited the opportunities. The final score 89-19. Forward of the Game was Leah Brunner for fantastic dominant tackles and slicing the defense up with her blazing speed putting a couple tries on the board while doing so. Back of the Game was Lora Lee as she orchestrated wave after wave of attacks that overwhelmed the Rams defense, including getting a try herself. In her debut in women’s rugby Emily Brown ran through, around and over the Rams defense scoring four tries on the day (three over 40 yards), setting up a couple more and subsequently received the nod from the Rams as their Player of the Match!

The 5-0 Titans ladies continue to show their SW1 dominance but have a strong challenge coming up the week against a strong Irish team fighting on their home turf! 3:30 CCIAC Field!

Tries: Emily Brown (4), Sarah Stahl (2), Leah Brunner (2), Erin McFadden, Katie McIver, Lora Lee, Isabel St. Pierre, Emma Newton (1 try, 10 conversions)

Senior Women Week 4 Update

The Titan’s Women’s had the long trip down to Lethbridge this weekend to play against a strong LRC squad. After narrowly winning 58-55 at home last week against LRC this game was guaranteed to entertain the local crowd with two SW1 powerhouse teams. Adding to the pressure on the Titans squad was that only 15 players were available to play!!

The game started out with a couple possession tradeoffs that caught the Titans five meters from their own try line. A valiant defensive effort by the ladies held Lethbridge out of from scoring however as the minutes ticked by Lethbridge was able to sneak (barely) past the line for the day’s first try. The Titans responded quickly with Courtney Holtkamp scoring their first try with a strong run from a LRC penalty at Lethbridge’s 22m. The teams exchanged tries through the first half and as it neared it end Lethbridge again found itself on the Titans 5m in the final seconds. This time it was the Titans defense held out ending the half 27-17 in favor of the Titans.

Exhausted after a hard first half the Titans women realized the Lethbridge wasn’t going to quit. The ladies rallied together to give Lethbridge 100% of their best effort and it showed as they quickly started to add try after try in the second half. The team celebrated that, despite each player playing a full 80 minutes, they clearly set the pace in the second half of the game. The final score was 44-22 in favor of the Titans!! Forward of the Game was captain Haley Khatib for her outstanding strength and toughness in the game! Injuring her shoulder early in the first half she showed true leadership and passion playing every minute of the game giving all she had!! Haley’s effort also received acknowledgement from the opposition as Lethbridge choose her for their “Player of the Game”. With multiple players playing new positions in the “pack” the forwards played hard, strong rugby throughout the game with dominant tackling and rucking!

Courtney Holtkamp debuted as a winger in the second half (returning to her Rimbey Grade 8 roots where she first was introduced to the game). The team exploited the mismatch, moving the ball wide as Court promptly ripped off five tries during the game, setting up one more and deservingly received the nod for “Back of the Game”. The backs as a whole did a fantastic job moving the ball wide providing attack opportunities for Courtney and fullback/center Lora Lee who together finished off all eight Titans tries!

The Women are excited to host the Rams this Saturday 2:30 at the Titans Club!

Tries: Courtney Holtkamp (5), Lora Lee (3)

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