Senior Women Week 1 Update

Senior Women Week 1 Update

The first game of the season for the Red Deer Titans Senior Women’s Team was a massive success. With only 7 returning players, and a new head coach, the team was nervous for their first game against the Calgary Hornets. On May 5th at the Calgary Rugby Union Park the Senior Women’s focused on collaboration and positivity. By having a positive growth mindset the Titans were able to over come many obstacles and came out on top with a final score of 56-27.

This victory was not only shown on the score board, but also team unity. Head Coach Kenton Poelzer is excited to see what these girls will do at their first home game against the Calgary Rams, May 11th at 7:30pm at the Titans Rugby Club. Forward of the match was Katie Wozney and back of the match was Jula Bartfai. Players who scored trys: Courtney Holtkamp (3) Erin McFadden Laura Lee Paige Olmstead Haley Khatib Katie Wozney Jula Bartfai Gwen Fillinger 3 conversions by Courtney Holtkamp.

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