Titan Up!!…the ‘W’ is silent (another weekend update)

Titan Up!!…the ‘W’ is silent (another weekend update)

Kicking things off Friday night – the Titans Senior Men played at home vs the Hornets.  Our Titans came away with a 63 – 3 win!

The Titans Senior Ladies were traveling Friday night and played the Rams, coming away with a 42 – 19 win as well.

13428492_1129881647053146_1834115706525867038_nCksBdipUkAIrLBsSaturday opened with a HUGE festival at Titans for U7 – U11 age grades.  It was an enormous success!

Also on Saturday the Titans U13 and U15 boys took to the road for Calgary and played the Calgary Saracens at CRP.  The U13 boys kicked off first, and led off with a commanding victory in their friendly match against the Saracens.  Next up were the U15 boys, and after a tough game came out with a 25 – 17 league win.  Here are some photos of the matches courtesy of U13 Coach Harrison Blizzard – U13 Boys MatchU15 Boys Match

While we were there – we ran into a familiar face!

Some other news – if anyone is looking to volunteer for the Canada vs Russia match next week – check this out.

Until next week…..TITAN UP!!

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