Exhibition match: Outback Barbarians vs Titans, July 5th 7:30pm @ Titans Field

Exhibition match: Outback Barbarians vs Titans, July 5th 7:30pm @ Titans Field
Bit of history:
The Outback Barbarians were first formed in the late 1980’s in Rockhampton, Central Queensland and continued on until the early 1990’s when they ceased to exist due to lack of volunteers to organise them.  They originally toured Europe, England, Ireland New Zealand and Fiji.
In 2006 I was out at Longreach Western Queensland and was speaking with the then president of Queensland Country Rugby, Boyd Curran and asked him where there was a pathway for country players who did not want to go to the cities to further their playing careers.  The majority of the players are farmers, cattlemen, graziers or occupations associated with the cattle and farming industries.    We try to bring single players only but occasionally a married man sneaks away.  He suggested the Outback Barbarians format.  Well the rest is history after that.  In 2008 we invited a group of country players to tour to the US.  We flew to Vancouver and then got a bus to Seattle.  Then we went to Missoula, Montana for the Maggotfest and on to Las Vegas after that, San Diego and home.  In 2010 we again went to Dallas, Houston, New Orleans then up the centre the Maggotfest but toured different cities.  2012 the same but went to New York, Boston and across the top to Missoula and then across to San Francisco.
2012 saw us return to the US and played mainly in the central area.  2014 (this is when we picked up Ryan Boers of Red Deer fame whom we met at the Maggotfest in 2012 as he promised to teach us a bit about rugby) and we went to New Orleans, Atlanta, Charleston, Charlotte, Nashville, Denver, Kansas City, Salt Lake City, Las Vegas, San Diego and then home.The tour is self funded by the boys themselves and they pay for everything apart from the sponsorship which I get for the playing jerseys and training kit.  I organize the games, accommodation, transport and matters of entertainment not associated with rugby.  They organize the beers and girls with the help of the locals.  We have never had any complaints from the young women we have acquainted ourselves with and also the older women also. They have been very appreciative of our attention and aussie larrakinism.
That my friend is what the Outback Barbarians culture is all about.  Rugby, Beer, Travel and Women but not necessarily in that order.  As you know “what appens on tour stays on tour.”
Outback Barbarians

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