Titans 3rd Annual Oktoberfest Wrap Up

Titans 3rd Annual Oktoberfest Wrap Up

One last Saturday wrap up for 2015, results from the 3rd annual Titans Oktoberfest!  It was a beautiful day for rugby, with sun shining and only a slight breeze.

The day started with some Rugby World Cup action and a pancake breakfast.  Then on to some tournament style 10s!  Final standings on the day:

  • 1st Red Deer Titans 3-0
  • 2nd Drayton Valley Riggers 2-1
  • 3rd Lightning Alumnae 1-2
  • 4th Kings University Eagles 0-3
The award for the “Most Social Side” goes to the Titans Ladies, thanks for bringing the fun!
Also up for grabs this fine day was the Titans/Riggers Pink & Purple Challenge Cup!  This cup was created originally for a pre-season exhibition match between the Titans and Riggers Senior men in 2014.  Every time these clubs face off it’s an opportunity to reclaim it, and at Oktoberfest the Titans RETAIN it for a little while longer!
Links to photos: Teams,  Action, Pre-gaming.  SCROLL DOWN FOR MORE PHOTOS.
Thanks to everyone who participated and helped out, and we’ll see you all (and more) next year!
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