Week 15 – CRU Quarter Finals Mixed Results

Week 15 – CRU Quarter Finals Mixed Results

Yesterday’s rundown on a day of rugby at Titans Field:

  • Titans 3rd Division Men’s team faced off against the Canucks.  The Canucks 3rds were up on our men early, ahead by several tries.  However, the Titans Men fought hard in the second half and came back to within just a handful of points.  Unfortunately the Canucks took control at the end and made the final score 34 – 25.  Fantastic effort boys!  Some photos courtesy of Dallas Hicks.
  • Our Titans 2nd division men squared off against an always tough Lethbridge squad.  Lethbridge definitely came to play, their scrums were solid, they countered every ruck, and generally made our lives difficult for most of the match.  Despite giving away numerous penalties, our 2nd division squad held tight to the game plan and played some skilled rugby.  Lethbridge scored 2 hard earned tries on the day, and never let up, but in the end the Titans won the day with a 50 – 14 win, advancing to the next round of playoffs.  More photos courtesy of Dallas Hicks.

The season isn’t over for everyone however.  Because lower divisions can play up, many of the players from the 3rd division game should still be eligible to sub for the 2nd division squad in playoffs.  So lets see some solid numbers out at practice this coming Wednesday and Friday at 6:30pm.


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