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Titans Youth U13 Boys

Community Rugby is a non-contact program that occurs once a week (Mondays) and is a great “Try it Out” program for first year players learning the basics of the game creating a foundation for the future.  The U13 Boys Competition program is a tackle program has practices Monday/Thursday and League games during May and June and July including travel as far as Okotoks.  The game format is full field 13 a side. First year players shouldn’t stay clear of the Competition program but parents should be aware there is a steeper learning curve and are encouraged to participate in our pre-season camp, usually scheduled in late April.



U13 Community Rugby

  • Age: Born 2004/2005
  • Gender: Boys
  • Dates: May, June, early July (PRE-SEASON CAMP)
  • Time: Mondays Only 5:30pm – 7:00pm
  • Fundraising Requirements: Run-a-Rama
  • Volunteer Requirements: None
  • Cost: $135

U13 Competition Rugby

Equipment: Cleats (Rugby or Soccer style cleats ONLY), Rugby Shorts and Socks, mouth guard



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