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Youth Rugby in Red Deer is growing rapidly with more and more players experiencing this amazing game. This is an exciting year for us as we have expanded our program to include “U5 – Parents and Tots” and “Community Tackle” programs.

CORE VALUES – “Titan Up”

Our organization is centered upon our Core Values. It is our belief “Character Builds Champions” both on and off the field as such our program is centered on our Core Values. When we cheer “Titan Up” this is what we are referring to:

  • Respect – Titans treat each other, our opponents, the officials and the game with Respect; no matter the circumstances.
  • Discipline – Discipline is the art of self-control. Those who succeed in rugby, as well as life, tend to exhibit a high degree of discipline.
  • Passion – Passion is what drives the will to do the seemingly impossible. It is a relentless, unstoppable force that pushes each Titan to self-improvement.
  • Toughness – Rugby is a demanding sport; life even more demanding. Toughness is a resilience to overcome challenges and setbacks. Titans are built to be physically and mentally tough.
  • Family – Rugby is a family sport and Titans are close family. Every Titan learns the value of family and importance of standing together in the good times and the bad.


Community Rugby is a fun, low commitment program that gives each child an opportunity to experience rugby. Community Rugby is either a Flag version (non-contact) of rugby or a small-sided tackle version of the game that is enjoyable and fun at all ages. The format will be similar model to Timbits Soccer or Pond Hockey with a mix of drills and game play.


With the addition of Community Rugby comes the expansion of Competition Rugby. Competition Rugby is for players interested having a complete rugby experience. Competition Rugby provides a fun environment for skill and athletic development that is age appropriate. Competition rugby includes completing against other clubs in the province which requires travel. Games are typically on Saturdays, with practices Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Tuesday practices will include participating in Community Rugby programs. U11-U15 will participate in Community Tackle and U9 and down Community non-contact.


The preseason training camp is for all contact age grades (U11-U19) and is typically in mid-late April. This is a development camp for new and returning players that focus’ on Core Skills. It is free for those registered for season. If you are uncertain if you are playing this season but want to attend the camp the cost is $20.


We have a full slate of programs available for youth of all ages. To find out more details or to register select the appropriate age grade. Once our field is clear of snow practices will start.

We do accept payments from Kidsport and JumpStart!

Upcoming Youth Events


Our organization relies on volunteers and it is essential that everyone gets involved for us to be successful on and off the field. As such parents of Competition players will be required to work three events in the year (March 1 – Sept 30) with the Titans Event Staffing.

If you have more than one child in the program you will only be required to work the three events. A $300 cheque dated September 15 (above the registration fee) needs to be received by the youth program prior to the season and will be made void upon completion of the three events.

Failure to complete the three events by September 30 will result in the cheque being deposited. The Titans Rugby Club also provides a $6/hr credit for event staffing that can be used towards your future dues or clubhouse purchases. More information of the dates, times and locations can be found at our Facebook page or our Website Page!

Coaches and Managers: Parents who volunteer as coaches, team managers or other  needs (per Titans Youth Staff) do not need to provide this bond cheque.

FUNDRAISING REQUIREMENTS – Run-a-Rama and Bottle Drive

We have changed out fundraising requirements this year to a “Run-a-Rama” format. Players will be running lengths of the field to raise funds for the club. These funds are essential to the sustainability and growth of our program. We require every player to raise a minimum $50 each in support of the Titans Program. Players who raise $100 will receive their digital pictures package free in appreciation of the hard work put in by your children. When: TBD

  • $50 – Minimum
  • $100 – TBD
  • $200 – TBD
  • $350 – TBD
  • $500 – TBD
  • All prizes are combined.

There will also be a Bottle Drive, details TBA.

For questions about Fundraising, Volunteering, Westerner Events, Bond Cheques, or Volunteer Hours, please contact our Youth Director!


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