2017 AJRA Mini’s Provincial Tournament

2017 AJRA Mini’s Provincial Tournament

A HUGE Thank You to Janean Kehler and Diane Genkens as the AJRA Tournament Coordinators this year. Thank you to Jenn Koots and Sandra Kyme for their help with the tournament and fundraising,  and a big Thank You to all the parent volunteers that did the long hours or just went where voluntold 🙂 Thank you Chelsey for organizing food and the clubhouse staff for feeding the constant never-ending line of spectators. And, of course, the show couldn’t go on without the man behind the scenes running the schedule for 59 teams (not including 6 “no shows”), Thank you Kenton Poelzer! No one can run organized chaos like you can! Our little group put on a huge event, and I have received nothing but good comments!

I am proud of our U7, U9, and U11 Titan’s Youth teams, its not easy to play 6 games in 25oC. Out if 20 teams in each age group, U7 came in 5th, U11 battled hard for a 4th place finish, and U9 fought off a very aggressive team for 1st place!

Cheers, Mel Meikle

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