Titans Men to play “Friendly” against the RAPTC RFC

Titans Men to play “Friendly” against the RAPTC RFC

Our Titans Senior men will be playing a friendly against the RAPTC RFC on July 12, 7:30pm kick off at Titans Rugby Park.  Below is a blurb about the RAPTC.

Good luck boys,


Royal Army Physical Training Corps Rugby Football Club  (RAPTC RFC)

Bio:  RAPTC British Army – http://www.army.mod.uk/raptc/30470.aspx

The RAPTC was formed in 1860 as the Army Gymnastic Staff. It was renamed the Army Physical Training Staff in 1918 and was given its present corps status by Army Order 165 in 1940. In November 2010 Her Majesty The Queen approved that the Army Physical Training Corps be re-titled The Royal Army Physical Training Corps.

Based at the Army School of Physical Training (ASPT) in Aldershot, its instructors are attached to every battalion and regiment in the British Army.

It is not possible to join the RAPTC directly from civilian life. Prospective PTIs must first join another regiment or corps and then qualify as Regimental All Arms Physical Training Instructor (AAPTI) after an 8 week course at the ASPT.

They then return to their own unit and only after further experience can they attend selection for the RAPTC.

If they pass the selection course they follow a 30-week intensive training course before qualifying as an RAPTCI and transferring to the RAPTC.

Olympic medallist Kriss Akabusi was a Warrant Officer Class 2 in the RAPTC and Kelly Holmes a qualified PTI.

Bio: RAPTC RFC –http://www.armyrugbyunion.org.uk/aru-info/history/corps-merit-table-championship/

The RAPTC RFC play rugby within the British Armed Forces (Army) Merit League 2, many of the players are affiliated to civilian clubs from around the local committees, when not on Military Duty.

With one of the smallest sized Corps within the Armed Forces the RAPTC play competitive rugby with approximately 6/8 games a season, resulting in one fixture a month.  Naturally due to the nature of the Corps employment role, finding the 18/19 stone prop forwards and big heavy packs of forwards is a struggle for our team, however what we lose in terms of heavy forwards we gain in fitness levels and speed.  The RAPTC RFC enjoys good hard rugby and always plays with a smile on our face whatever the result win lose or draw, as we understand the importance of sport in the Military.  If we are honest our ability level would be classed as a good social team, with plenty of potential.

Team President:                                  Lt Col (MAA) Paul Appleby

Team Chairman:                                  Capt (MMA) Dave Boocock            

Team Secretary:                                  SSgt (SSI) Luke Brimble

Team Coach:                                        SSgt (SSI) Daryl Slade-Jones

Team Capt:                                            Sgt (SSI) Rhydian Slade-Jones

Tour Manger:                                        SSgt (SSI) Andy Stephenson

Playing Colours:                                  Black & Red

Home Ground:                                      Army School of Physical Training, Fox Lines, Queens Ave, England

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