Dues are HOW much?

Dues are HOW much?

Our Events Coordinator Executive Member recently posted this in all the Facebook groups.

For more information on contributing to Titans events and earning credits towards your own dues or go, check this out.

Quoted here:

So I am posting this after speaking with several active players in recent weeks. It’s a plea of sorts!!! There is a minimal base of active players working events at the Westerner or things like last week’s Casino. But this about the positive aspect & how we each need to pitch in, as well as how working events can benefit YOU.
It’s obvious that we are lucky to have the Westerner to help support our facility, but our dues although on par with other clubs, are still not just buttons & beach rocks. So as requested here is how working the Westerner can help YOU.

Regular Member Dues = $550 (Students, First Year Players & Out of Towners get a discount off the top but everything else in this post is for you too) For every event you work you get $6/hr in credits and after you work 6 events in one year (March to March) you automatically receive $100 off PLUS the $6/hr earned. Average event is 3-5hrs so we will base my example on 4hrs or $24/event.

6 Event Dues (-$100 – $144) = $306
10 Event Dues (-$100 – $240) = $210
12 Event Dues (-$100 – $288) = $162
15 Event Dues (-$100 – $360) = $90
20 Event Dues (-$100 – $480) = Dues are Paid & $30 in credits left over for clothing, club events or tourneys

Including Rebels Games & Westerner Days there are approximately 50 events in a year, many that you can work longer than 4 hours if you want. No one expects everyone to work every event but if you live in the area all year round we ask that you try & do a couple events a month during hockey season PLEASE!!!!!


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