Boys and Girls Clubs Looks for Volunteers for the Zed Haunted House!


Boys and Girls Club / Big Brothers/Big Sisters – looking for interested volunteers!

Janessa McCormack ( from the Red Deer Youth and Volunteer Centre sent us this info, If you are interested in getting involved, please reach out to them, her contact info is below!

At the Highland Games in June this year, I was speaking with some of the Rugby Club members who were interested in helping out with Boys and Girls Clubs and Big Brothers Big Sisters.

One area we discussed was assisting with the Zed Haunted House, the only fundraiser we have for Boys and Girls Clubs, which serves Red Deer, Springbrook, Penhold, Bowden, Elnora, Spruceview and Delburne.

A couple of the guys indicated that they would be interested in acting, others indicated they would be interested in helping set-up or teardown.
We are currently in the set-up phase and will be working through to October 15th on that. The event is open to the public from October 16th through the 31st, with an adult only Midnight Madness night (midnight to 2:00am) on Friday, October 23rd.

Where I know we will really need some help is on November 1st and 2nd. Many of our volunteers are worn out after the build and 10-day event, and if folks could come on those two days (Sunday during the day and Monday evening) we would greatly appreciate it.

Janessa McCormack  (
Volunteer Resources
Red Deer Youth and Volunteer Centre
Phone – 403-342-6500 ext 115
Cell – 403-598-1465

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