Week 4 – Titans Update for the weekend of May 29/30/31

Week 4 – Titans Update for the weekend of May 29/30/31

Another rugby weekend has come and gone.

Friday Night:

Saturday was, as usual, rugby day:

  • The U13 boys winning streak came to a screeching halt against a skilled U13 Hornets game.  Easily our boys’ toughest match to date, the final score ended up 60 – 31.  The U13 boys coaching staff has pulled away many positives from the game, and these learning opportunities will only server to make them better rugby players.  Remember boys, the best teams don’t just win together, they lose together too.
  • The U15 boys had another tough game, this time against the U15 Hornets.  Despite losing 34 – 15, our boys made quite an impression, prompting the Hornet’s coaching staff to mention that we were probably the most physical team they’ve played yet.  We are all very proud of our U15 boys for playing with such heart, they are true Titans.  Way to go boys, you don’t have to earn the win to earn the respect.
  • The Titan’s Senior Women challenged the Saracens in Calgary on Saturday, but unfortunately did not show well and ended up losing a very one-sided match.  There are just some things you don’t ask our women, and one of them is the score when they don’t feel like it was their best showing. (An unnamed source revealed that the score was 66 – 24 for the Saracens, sounds like good offense on both sides.)
  • The 3rd Division Titan’s Senior Men had an interesting match up against the “Ba-Baas”, a Barbarian’s style “invitational” rugby team open to anyone (the invitation being whether you want to play or not!).  Now, the Ba-Baas didn’t have enough players, which awarded our Titan’s 3rd their first W of the season!  After that, several Titans reinforced the Ba-Baas ranks and a 60 minute match was played, with the Ba-Baas coming out on top by only a handful of points, despite the best efforts of Lock Loughran.  Now, I’m not quite sure what happened, but Lock also ended up in the boat race as the 3rds man of the match!
  • Arguably the most talked about match of the day, the Titan’s 2nd division men matched up against a strong looking Bow Valley Grizzlies Team.  After dominating the 3rd division for a few years, this is Bow Valley’s first year in second division, and they have been lighting things up.  It was a tough match, testing character on both sides, controversial possible tries called back on both teams…..but even the referee couldn’t manage to steal the show as the Titans won by a single penalty kick 29 – 26.  A win’s a win, but neither team came away satisfied and are looking eagerly towards a re-match, maybe in the playoffs?  Overheard at the end of the game in the 2nd division huddle….”well boys, we bent but we did NOT break”.   (Pictures from the match).

On Sunday, Red Deer was host to the last Rugby Alberta Coaching sessions, big thanks to Rugby Alberta and Graeme Moffat for all the hard work.  We got an inside look at Jinxie’s kicking game and he passed along some secrets of the trade.

And as usual – Winston and Charles from Z98.9 got involved!

Until next week


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