Week 2 – Women rool, men drool, boys show us how it’s done

Week 2 – Women rool, men drool, boys show us how it’s done

Week 2 is over.  Results:

  • Women win a barn burner against the Airdrie Highlanders 93-7. Airdrie welcomed the learning experience and a Highlander representative pointed out that our girls were all class in the victory. Good show!
  • Both men’s teams had challenging days. The 3rd division men lost 33-19 to the Rams, followed by a 48-19 drubbing at the hands of their 2nd division.  The day wasn’t all bad though – both teams showed heart and pride, for example the 2nd division men who held the Rams to a single try in the second half while scoring 3 of their own.

This weekend Sunday was a rugby day too:

  • Minis (U7-U11) all played at the CRU Sunday morning
  • U13 boys steam rolled the Saints 50-17, and with 2 wins in a row, is this the start of a streak?  Time will tell!
  • U15 boys won a fully sanctioned and agreed upon game of 11’s with the Saints who were struggling with numbers 32-5.   Great learning experience for many as they had opportunities to play new positions!
  • Great sportsmanship from both boys teams, we received comments from coaches and refs alike. These kids are setting an example for our club!

With a long weekend break training will be especially important this week, so every one please try and make it out.  Special Note: U15 boys practice is being moved to Tuesday evening, same time and place.

Thanks to Heidi Hastings for the featured photo!  (And yes, I managed to work my way into this week’s photo again.)

UPDATE: Charles and Winston (of Zed 98.9 fame) May 11th Titans Update!!


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